Diagnostic System

You can check your computer of your Firebird at a Diagnostic System.

If your Firebird has something trouble, the diagnostic system helps your trouble shooting.

Proceed as follows:

1.Set the parking blake and the shift lever in park or neutral position. Ignition key is OFF position. Do not start the engine.

2. You have to find ALDL (Assembly Line Diagnostic Link) connector. The connector is located under the dashboard on the driver's side.

Connect the terminal "A" and "B" in ALDL connector by an electric wire. (Fig.1)

3. Turn the ignition key to On position. Don't start the engine.

"Service Engine Soon" light in instrument panel flash. This flashing pattern indicates trouble code.

4. For example,
Code12 looks like: Flash (pause) Flash Flash
Code42 looks like: Flash Flash Flash Flash (pause) Flash Flash

After a code 12 is 3 times repeated, the another code tells you. If a code 12 is always sent, the computer seems no problem.

5. Turn the ignition key to Off position.

6. Remove an electric wire.

Refer to the table of trouble code.

This tool helps your diagnostic.

Auto Xray XP240

If it is difficult for you, I'll recommend check your vehicle at a professional repair shop.