ADS Superchip

I purchased a ADS Superchip from Mr. Jim Campbell in Australia.

I can use his Superchip because he has a 1987 Iroc Camaro with 305TPI. So I have a 1987 Trans Am with 305TPI, it is lucky for mt to same model year and same engine.

Thanks Mr.Jim!!

The upper is ADS Superchip, the lower is Stock EPROM.


It is very easy, but first discnnect the battery terminal.

Disconnect the two connecters form the CEM and remove the ECM.

You'll see the EPROM after remove the access panel on the ECM.

Next, raise two locks both side of EPROM, and remove the EPROM.

Insart the ADS Superchip with care the direction of it.

After installed, lock the hook both side of EPROM.

Close the access panel and install the ECM.

Moreover, I adjusted the ignition timing BTDC10(stock is BTDC6).

I tested my car, I felt the feeling a little, but clear, especially it is faster than stock ECM when over 2500rpm with 3rd gear.

But Performance Resource's EPROM weighs on my mind...
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