Front Suspension

I restored the front suspension with my friend. He is a professional mechanic of Volvo.

It is a same work the right suspension and the left.

I used the original bushing in the lower arm, because it was already installed what I bought these lower arms.


Jack up the front of vehicle and support by the jack stand.

Remove the brkae caliper, clamp of the hose, hub, dust seal of hub, sway bar end link and tie rod end.

I recommend the special tool "tie rod end puller", this tool help you that easy to remove the tie rod end.

Support the lower arm with garade jack, loosen strut upper mount nut and remove two strut to knuckle bolts.

Lower the garage jack carefully.

Remove the strut, knuckle to lower arm with special tool "ball joint puller" or equivalent.

I used the gear puller.

After remove the knuckle arm, remove the spring. It's so thight that be carefull when remove it.

If you have to change the lower arm, just remove it.

There are used and new parts.


Install parts in reverse order to removal.

lubricated all steering linkage and ball joint.

Install lower arm (if you removed) and spring, support the lower arm with garade jack.

Don't forget install the insulator of spring.

Install nuckle arm, next tighten the nut and insert the cotter pin. But you have to clean the hall of the ball joint.

Install the strut but don't forget the shield, tighten lower 2 bolts and lower arm's bolts, not tight the upper mount nut . You must tight this final.

When you tight these lower 2 bolts and loer arm's bolts, the car on the ground. But it is difficult for me, so I rise the garage juck untile lower arm reache the close position of the same conditions thecar on the ground.

Tighten the tie rod end and insert the cotter pin.

Install the hub and tighten the nut to 12fb, next buck off the nut until loose position.

Hand "Snug-up" the nut, loosen until either hole in the spindle lines up with a slot in the nut. Then insert the cotter pin.

Install the brkae caliper, clamp of the hose, hub, dust seal of hub and sway bar end link.

Set the tire and down the car, final tighten the nut of strut upper mount.

If all the bolt and nut are hard tighten, I'll recommend use the WD-40 or equivalent.These are very useful for your work.
Also I'll recommend use the new parts insulator of spring, shield of sturt and bump stopper.