I have installed some modify parts to ignition system.

  1. NGK spark plugs
  2. ACCEL Armor Shield plug wire
  3. ACCEL distributor cap & rotor
  4. ACCEL HEI Module
  5. ACCEL Super Coil

Final modify is MSD6A but I wondered where set up this.

Mr. Tom Keliher showed nice photo what installed MSD6A.

Ok, I installed new MSD6A, that I bought from my friend.

Thanks Mr.Usui!

If your f-body has a external and dual connector type coil,
I'll recommend get the MSD cable harness(P/N 8876).

It is very easy to install MSD module. But I couldn't get it, because I'm living in Japan....

So I converted the wire of ACCEL super coil.

Installation instructions of MSD module is kindly to you install MSD module.

After installed MSD6A, my engine is good!!