Oil Cooler & Temperature Gage

I decided add the oil cooler because there is many traffic congestions in Japan(especially in Tokyo).

I'm thinking traffic congest cause high temperature of engine oil.

I selected these items.




Oil Cooler



Oil Temperature Gage

Auto Meter

2-5/8" Sport-Comp No.3443

Vacuum Gage

Auto Meter

2-5/8" Sport-Comp No.3471


Auto Meter

2-Hole Black Aluminum No.3232

I purchased from SUMMIT Racing Equipment


First, drain engine oil and remove the oil filter.

Connect the oil hose to oil block included the oil cooler, if oil hose is one peace, you have to cut in half.

Inatall a oil block to filter fitting of engine. Lead two hoses to radiator.

Install the oil cooler front of the condenser, I can't find out the best location to install it.

Connect two hoses to the oil cooler, next you have to select the location to install the oil temperature sensor(for gage). If you can, cut the inlet hose(engine oil leave for the oil cooler) at the oil temperature sensor install location.

–senser mount(typical)

Install the sensor mount and temperature sensor. Off course, you have to install the gage beforehand.

Install the oil filter and fill engine oil. Start engine, check leakage.

This filter adapter fits PF-45(GM)APH3429(FRAM) or FL-331(MOTORCRAFT).